MORE Polygons Games

Here are your FINAL games to play for polygons today. Please start at number 1 and work through the games. 

  1. Matching Shapes
  2. A quiz: How did you do?
  3. Sorting Shapes
  4. Regular and Irregular Shapes: Regular shapes have equal sides and equal angles
  5. Polygon Shape Sort
  6. Tangrams
  7. Pentominoes

Polygons Games

Hi Fifth Graders! 

Try out these polygon games to practice your new knowledge

  1. Classifying Triangles: What do you know about triangles?
  2. Polygons: What is a polygon? Choose closed shapes to figure that out. 
  3. Jeopardy: What shapes do you know? See how many here!
  4. Concentration: Match the shapes and polygons
  5. Polygon Game: Classify and figure out shapes.

Figurative Language

What is a simile? (start at game 1)

What is a metaphor?

Which is it, simile or metaphor game?

Imagery game

Oregon Trail Game (1990 version!!!)

Hi Friends!

We have been talking about the lands to the west and how the United States wanted to grow as a country. They had the idea of the Manifest Destiny, that the land belonged to them no matter what. For this game, we are going to think of the people who traveled on the trails and moved west. Enjoy a game from my childhood. 

Oregon Trail Game

Oh! And, watch out for Fort Walla Walla, that is where I grew up basically. It is a real place on the Oregon trail!

Mrs. Olson

Graphing and Data

Hi Friends!

Please work on these games:

  1. Analyze data: Practice collecting data and analyzing it.
  2. Line Plot: Put together a line plot
  3. Questions and Work with Line Plots:  There are questions and support to creating line plots. Collect and analyze the data. 
  4. Median: Find the MIDDLE of the data
  5. Mode: Find the MOST data that is collected.
  6. Range: What is the range of the data?
  7. Pictographs: Why do we use them?What are they?
  8. Bar Graphs: What are they? When would we use them?
  9. Stem and Leaf Plots: Why would we use this for data?
  10. Circle Graphs: What is the data showing us?